Riverfront MX Park

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Only an hour north of Sacramento in Marysville, California, along the scenic Feather River, lies the adrenaline-infused haven known as Riverfront MX Park. This motocross gem caters to riders and racers of all ages and skill tiers, delivering a motocross experience that transcends the ordinary.

The heart of the action is the meticulously crafted main track, a battleground designed for both novices and seasoned pros alike. From advanced riders pushing the limits to beginners finding their footing, the main track accommodates all, ensuring that the thrill knows no bounds. For the young guns just starting their motocross journey, a dedicated peewee track awaits, while at the back, a Vet/Quad track beckons those seeking a different kind of adventure.

This year, anticipate special events and practices tailored for the quad and side-by-side enthusiasts, a testament to Riverfront MX Park's commitment to catering to diverse riding passions.

Options abound on the main track, where pros can unleash their full throttle potential, taking on the challenge to "go big." Meanwhile, beginners will find a welcoming haven where the emphasis is on fun, safety, and the perfect blend of challenge to fuel progression. Dynamic changes to the track layout will be the norm, injecting variety to keep riders on their toes and primed for growth. Riverfront MX Park Park has something for everyone.

When the engines at Riverfront MX Park finally take a breather, it's time to refuel your body and rest your weary head in style. Marysville, California, plays host to a motley crew of culinary delights and a Victorian-era stay that promises a retreat like no other.

Gear up for a feast at Lumberjacks Restaurant, a hearty spot that knows how to fuel the hunger of motocross warriors. From lumberjack-sized breakfasts to savory dinners, this local joint serves up a menu as diverse as the riders conquering Riverfront MX Park.

For those seeking a quick pit stop without compromising flavor, Antonio's Quick Lunch is the answer. Dive into mouthwatering bites that won't keep you away from the track for long, ensuring you're fueled and ready for the next moto adventure.

Take your post-ride celebration to new heights at The Happy Viking, where good times and great eats collide. With a menu boasting a variety of pub fare and a lively atmosphere, it's the perfect spot to recount the day's epic rides with fellow motocross enthusiasts.

Craving a taste of the exotic? Teriyaki House beckons with its flavorful Asian delights, offering a culinary journey that perfectly complements the thrill of the dirt track.

And for those with a penchant for DIY dining, The Mongolian BBQ invites you to create your own masterpiece, ensuring your post-ride meal is as unique as your riding style.

Lakeside Indian Cuisine is a must stop! Established July 2023, Lakeside Indian Cuisine is a family opened restaurant which strives to provide a modern twist to Indian cuisine. From our nut free gravy bases to our specialty tandoori items, the menu provides extensive choices for each individual.

As the sun sets on an exhilarating day, retreat to the award-winning Harkey House Bed & Breakfast Inn, a Victorian gem dating back to 1874. This picturesque escape invites you to unwind in historic charm, providing a cozy haven for motocross enthusiasts seeking a touch of luxury after a day of adrenaline-fueled action.

From the diverse flavors of Lakeside Indian Cuisine to the unique night stay of the Harkey House, Marysville beckons, promising a motocross adventure that extends beyond the dirt and into the heart of Northern California's hospitality.


Riverfront MX Practice Schedule

Get ready to rip up the track at Riverfront MX Park. From the crack of dawn to the sunset horizon, we've got your ride covered, offering prime hours to ride.

Kickstart your weekend when the gates swing open at 9 AM, providing a five-hour window for riders to lay down motos.

SUNDAYS (9 AM - 2 PM):
The motocross madness continues into Sunday, ensuring that your weekend crescendos with the sweet symphony of revving engines and the unmistakable sound of dirt being conquered.

As the sun dips below the horizon, Thursday nights come alive at Riverfront MX Park. The track is prepped and primed for an evening of adrenaline-fueled excitement from 5 PM to 10 PM. Whether you're looking to squeeze in some midweek practice or chasing the thrill of a nighttime ride, Thursdays at Riverfront MX Park offer a unique opportunity to own the track under the lights.

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