Freestyle Motocross

Colby Raha

He’s your defending QP High Air gold medalist and holds the record for the biggest XG QP High Air at 40'9" (XG 2021). Has medaled in all four X Games QuarterPipe High Air contests he’s entered: gold (Minneapolis 2017 and XG 2021); silver (Minneapolis 2018); bronze (Minneapolis 2019). He has 9 XG medals total. Colby is a true throwback to the nascent days of freestyle and freeride motocross. He rides what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. If he isn't skyrocketing to 40-ft.-plus at X Games, he's hucking off hubbas in LA, trains in the Inland Empire, or launching his Husky into the swimming pool of a casino.

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Luc Ackermann

A rising superstar of freestyle motocross, Luc Ackermann collects world records for fun and scored a big X Games title in 2021. FMX is not the sport of an average guy, but Luc Ackermann is definitely anything but average. Not only was the German the youngest athlete ever to perform a backflip on a motorbike, but he’s also considered as one of the biggest rising talents in FMX, with a bright future ahead.
But Ackermann doesn’t rest on his laurels. Ever. He just keeps pushing himself to the next level. He handles his bike like an old pro, and is learning new and harder tricks all the time.

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Josh Sheehan

Sheehan is a proven competitor. He has 12 medals in 24 X Games starts (1 gold, 6 silver, 5 bronze). He's also 1 of 3 in XG history to earn 3 Moto X medals at a single X Games: Clinton Moore in 2016 (3 bronze); Mike Metzger in 2002: 2 gold, 1 silver. He’s cool and collected and has the double backflip dialed. His 360 variations are unmatched, and he has a nice double grab backflip. Nominated for Best Male Action Sports Athlete and Best Play of the Year at the 2015 ESPYs for the triple backflip.

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Harry Bink

Bink is another in the long line of Australian FMX riders. The Canberra native attended a freestyle show at age 4 and was immediately hooked. Started riding freestyle at 16 when he and friends built a ramp from a local scrapyard. By 17 he was landing backflips. Competed in his first show at age 18, the Royal Canberra Show. The 2015 Australian FMX champion is a member of the Nitro Circus and Showtime FMX in Australia. At XG 2021, Bink captured bronze in Best Trick with an awesome double backflip one-handed nac.

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Taka Higashino

The first Japanese athlete to compete in an XG MTX event (2007), Taka is the only competitor outside of Travis Pastrana to own 3 Freestyle gold medals. It's been over 9 years since Taka's last medal, which is due in part to a combination of event cancellations and injuries. He learned the double backflip of the summer of 2018 and used it for 4th place in Freestyle at XG Sydney. Look for his rock solid backflip over some of the bigger ramps on the Freestyle course to make him a serious threat at XG 2022.

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Jackson Strong

The six-time X Games Best Trick gold medalist is great in the discipline; the best in history. He loves big moments and can handle the pressure. Strong has 8 medals from 9 starts (6 gold, 2 silver). Jacko is entertaining, an innovator and a fan favorite with a hard-charging, roll-the-dice style. He’s something of a wild man, but he’s grown up and matured a bit. The Aussie has a pet kangaroo named Skip. Because of course he does.

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