Get Ready for Opening Day at Fox Raceway!

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Pro Motocross Championship kicks off its season at the iconic Fox Raceway in Southern California on May 25th!

Newsflash: Triumph Motorcycles Joins the Race!

This year's Pro Motocross welcomes a new challenger: Triumph Motorcycles! The legendary British brand will be fielding a two-rider team in the 250 Class, piloted by the experienced Joey Savatgy and the up-and-coming Jalek Swoll. Get ready for some fierce competition as these talented riders battle it out for the championship title!

Don't Miss a Minute of the Action!

Get tickets and mark your calendars for May 25th and head over to Fox Raceway for a day packed with heart-stopping motocross action. The schedule is jam-packed with qualifying rounds, consolation races, opening ceremonies, and of course, the main events – the 250 and 450 Class motos.

Local Time (EDT) Track Time (PDT)
10:00am 7:00am Rider Services / Will Call Opens
10:15am 7:15am Riders Meeting at AMA Semi
10:30am 7:30am Chapel Service at AMA Semi
11:00am 8:00am 250MX Group B Qualifying 1
11:20am 8:20am 250MX Group A Qualifying 1
11:35am 8:35am Track Maintenance
11:50am 8:50am 450MX Group A Qualifying 1
12:10pm 9:10am 450MX Group B Qualifying 1
12:30pm 9:30am Track Maintenance
12:40pm 9:40am 250MX Group B Start Practice (Off Gate) Peacock
12:45pm 9:45am 250MX Group B Qualifying 2 Peacock
1:05pm 10:05am 250MX Group A Start Practice (Off Gate) Peacock
1:10pm 10:10am 250MX Group A Qualifying 2 Peacock
1:30pm 10:30am 450MX Group A Start Practice (Off Gate)
1:35pm 10:35am 450MX Group A Qualifying 2
1:55pm 10:55am 450MX Group B Start Practice (Off Gate)
2:00pm 11:00am 450MX Group B Qualifying 2
2:15pm 11:15am Track Maintenance
2:45pm 11:45am 250MX Consolation Race
3:00pm 12:00pm 450MX Consolation Race
3:30pm 12:30pm Opening Ceremonies
3:40pm 12:40pm First Call Peacock
3:50pm 12:50pm Begin Loading Gate/Staging Closes Peacock
4:00pm 1:00pm 250 Class Sight Lap/ Top 5 Rider Introduction Peacock
4:10pm 1:10pm 250MX Moto #1 (30 Minutes + 2 Laps) Peacock
4:40pm 1:40pm First Call
4:50pm 1:50pm Begin Loading Gate/Staging Closes
4:50pm 1:50pm Podium Interviews
5:00pm 2:00pm 450 Class Sight Lap/Top 5 Rider Introduction
5:10pm 2:10pm 450MX Moto #1 (30 Minutes + 2 Laps)
5:45pm 2:45pm Halftime
5:47pm 2:47pm First Call
5:50pm 2:50pm Podium Interviews
5:57pm 2:57pm Begin Loading Gate/Staging Closes
6:09pm 3:09pm 250 Class Sight Lap
6:17pm 3:17pm 250MX Moto #2 (30 Minutes + 2 Laps)
6:53pm 3:53pm First Call
7:03pm 4:03pm Begin Loading Gate/Staging Closes
7:15pm 4:15pm 450 Class Sight Lap
7:23pm 4:23pm 450MX Moto #2 (30 Minutes + 2 Laps)
8:05pm 5:05pm 450 Winners Circle
8:30pm 5:30pm Media Corral
8:30pm 5:30pm 250MX Press Conference
8:45pm 5:45pm 450MX Press Conference

Fox Raceway: A Premier Destination for Motocross Enthusiasts

Fox Raceway is not just a track, it's a full-fledged experience for riders and spectators alike. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, Fox Raceway caters to all skill levels. Before or after May 25, stop in to ride Fox Raceway:

  • Kids Track: A safe and fun space for youngsters (15 and under) to hone their riding skills on a beginner-friendly track.
  • Vet Track: Feeling nostalgic or want to ease back into the sport? This toned-down version of the main track is perfect for experienced riders looking for a less intense experience.
  • Main/Pro Track: Calling all adrenaline junkies! Push your limits on this challenging track designed for skilled and professional riders.

No day at the races is complete without delicious food and some cool merch. Fox Raceway has you covered:

  • Red Plate Cafe: Skip the boring lunch and grab a juicy burger at the Red Plate Cafe.
  • Fox Store: Upgrade your riding gear or snag a stylish Fox Raceway souvenir at the on-site store.

Need pit support? Don't worry if your bike decides to take a mid-race break. Temecula Motorsports has a dedicated on-site shop (open Friday-Sunday) to get your machine back up and running in no time.

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