Glen Helen

Looking for a thrilling motocross experience in Southern California? Look no further than Glen Helen Raceway, located north of San Bernardino in the Devore area. This 256-acre facility is situated against a stunning mountain backdrop and shares its space with other county facilities such as Glen Helen Regional Park and the San Manuel Pavilion.

Since its founding in 1985, Glen Helen Raceway has become known for hosting exciting sand drag, off-road, and motocross events. In fact, in 1991, the venue hosted its first major event: the United States World Championship Motocross, which returned the following year. These events helped propel the raceway to national recognition.

In the years since, Glen Helen Raceway has added more events to its calendar, including the Off Road Winter Series and the AMA 125/250 MX Nationals. Today, the facility boasts a variety of tracks for riders of all levels, including the National MX track, Rem/Vintage track, PeeWee track, and a new registration tower.

Whether you're a seasoned racer or a fan looking for an exciting day out, Glen Helen Raceway has something for you. Come see why it's one of the most popular motocross tracks in the world.