Thornwood Motocross

This is a track for all skill levels. Whether your going around a motocross track for the first time or if your whipping over a sweet triple you will be at home at Thornwood. The track consists of a variety of soil types, the lower portion is dominantly sandy while the upper portion is mostly hard pack. The track is approximately 0.8 miles with lap times averaging 2 minutes. The track is groomed between practices and races and on dry days the entire track can be automatically watered by our professional system.

Pax Trax MX

Discover the Ultimate Destination for Motocross Activities

Pax Trax MX Resort is a motocross facility founded in 1995. We offer a wide selection of premium amenities and services for dirt bike fans, striving to ensure a pleasant experience for every customer.

Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park

Lake Elsinore Motorsports is your premier Motocross track in southern California. We feature several tracks that enables everyone from the beginner to the pro to ride and enjoy the thrill of motocross riding!

Fox Raceway

The premier Raceway in Southern California.

KIDS TRACK: Riding Ability: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert Bike Size: 125cc and below Ages: 15 and below The Kids track is for kids of all riding ability. There are safe jumps, it’s wide and has big bowl corners. Please remember this track is meant for kids and beginner riders.

VET TRACK: Riding Ability: Beginner/Intermediate Bike Size: 65cc and up Vet Track: The Vet track is a tamed down version of the Main track. It has smaller jumps and obstacles. It’s the perfect track for riders who can ride tracks well and for riders just learning how to jump and corner.

MAIN/PRO TRACK: Riding Ability: intermediate/expert/pro Bike Size: 65cc and up The Main track is built with bigger jumps and obstacles than the other tracks at Fox Raceway. Usually faster and more skilled riders use the Main track.

TRACKSIDE SUPPORT: Forget your spare parts? Bike break? Temecula motorsports has an onsite dedicated shop to get your bike up and running and back on the track.
Friday – Sunday: 9am - 2pm

REDPLATE CAFE: Skip the boring sandwich you thought about making that morning and grab a burger at the Red Plate cafe.

FOX STORE: Stop by the Fox Raceway Store and freshen up your threads!
Friday – Sunday: 9am - 4pm

Millsaps Training Facility

Are you looking to be a part of a serious training facility? A training facility where you can have structured training programs, camping, recreation and storage facilities and that features national caliber motocross, supercross and arenacross tracks set on a 50-acre facility. How about a facility that is located in the motocross capital of the East Coast, Cairo, GA, where they are known to have some of the fastest riders in the sport? If you are looking to intensify your growth as a rider, then look no further than Millsaps Training Facility. MTF combines the latest in sport science technologies with over a decade of experience to offer complete motocross training programs for riders of all ages and abilities.