Thornwood Motocross

This is a track for all skill levels. Whether your going around a motocross track for the first time or if your whipping over a sweet triple you will be at home at Thornwood. The track consists of a variety of soil types, the lower portion is dominantly sandy while the upper portion is mostly hard pack. The track is approximately 0.8 miles with lap times averaging 2 minutes. The track is groomed between practices and races and on dry days the entire track can be automatically watered by our professional system.

Desoto Motorsports Park

Desoto Motorsport Park was built in 2008, by 2 Time World Motocross CHAMPION ( Trampas Chad Parker ). It originally started out as a training facility. By 2010 it was turned into a full race park, working itself up to be a bigger & better facility every day! The track sits on 35 Acres and is 1 to 1.4 Miles long depending on the course layout. Lap times are an average of 2 minutes. Really fun and safe, good for beginners and Pro riders. Our facilities consist of One Outdoor Motocross track, Minibike track & 15 miles of wooded Trails. We have a concession stand where we sell drinks, food, and candy. There is 20 Acres of clear parking along with 40 electrical and water hook ups!


Underground MX

Underground MX Park offers some of the best motocross riding in Texas, with a family friendly park featuring motocross, night style and a pee wee track, nice showers and restroom facilities, full RV hook-ups, tent camping, and a growing schedule of races and special events. Always call before you haul to check track conditions and practice schedules. We want to be your favorite place to ride!

So get out here!

Ironman Raceway

The Ironman event is named after the late GNCC ATV Champion Bob "Ironman" Sloan, who hailed from Indiana and dreamed for many years of seeing a GNCC event in his homestate. We lost Bob in 1994. Godspeed, Bob.

Ironman GNCC - Established 1995

The Ironman GNCC is one of the most popular races on the circuit. Tom's Marine Sales, the local Polaris dealership hosts the event, and their large farm offers plenty of land for the track. Community support for this race is amazing. Ironman GNCC banners hang downtown, and the spectator count is incredible. The event has grown so much that it’s overflowing from race to full-on industry trade show with many companies displaying the next year's models.

Ironman Pro MX National - Established 2014

Cruising up to the Ironman National, not far from the motorsports mecca of Indianapolis, Indiana, you’ll see picturesque views of small town America. The late summer date produces porch weather, and that draws all the locals who marvel at the professional cavalcade that has rolled into their town. You get a sense that this race offers up everything you want in a big-time motocross race….well, except one thing. The land surrounding the track looks flat. Where are the hills? Where’s the elevation change? Can this possibly work?

You park your crew in the huge flat field—perfect for camping and pitting, and head out to check out the big rigs in the easily accessible pro pits. Then you walk toward the track and suddenly something happens: the ground opens up, drops down, and practically swallows the race track whole. The Ironman Raceway track doesn’t just offer up elevation change, it offers up some of the biggest, steepest combinations of jumps and hills in the entire series, including Godzilla, a massive uphill jump.

Ironman ATVMX National - Established 2015

The heart of one of the most motorsports-crazed pockets of the U.S., the Indiana National is destined to quickly carve out a unique place in the series. The Ironman Raceway track sits about an hour west of Indianapolis, and it’s not new to racing, as competitors in the Amsoil Grand National Cross Country Series—America’s largest off-road racing series—have done battle here for twenty years. Over that time, the event has grown into the largest and most celebrated round of the GNCC Championship.

Unadilla MX

Over the past 54 years, Unadilla has earned a reputation as one of the best tracks in the United States, if not the world. In addition to being the first track in the U.S. to host the MX des Nations, Unadilla has also been home to the 250 USGP, the fall Trans-AMA and Trans-USA series.

Today, Unadilla proudly hosts rounds of the US Motocross Nationals, and JDay Off-Road Series , as well as the MX Rewind vintage racing weekend, and a series of amateur events.

The Wick 338

Almost 50 years ago the first race at The Wick was held back in 1973 after a group of MX dads from Legion Post 338 turned the woods behind the post into what would become the world famous facility it is today. Lead by Bernie Yelin the crew consisted of Ray Peebles, Pat Smith, Dante Molta, Clovis Goyette and many others who worked for hours with chain saws and bulldozers to build the track. Today The Wick is being returned to it's original direction and some of the iconic jumps and turns are being rebuilt to recreate the layout that thousands of racers have loved over the last 47 years. The Wick is easy to get to and within a couple hours of Boston, Worcester, Hartford and New York, it draws a big crowd at almost all it's events.

Today, these days Wick 338 is run by the Johnson family, Rick Johnson handles the details in the office and off the track with the help of Jeanine O'Brien. While multi time NESC champion, Keith Johnson takes care of the track with help from Vic O'Brien and New England MX legend, John Dowd. Aided by an army of dedicated MX fans who lend a hand during the week and on race days, the team at The Wick aim to maintain the level of high standards set by Bernie Yelin and the guys from American Legion Post 338.