NJMP Field of Dreams

On August 1st of 2021, Chris and Lexi Anderson proudly purchased the park from its founders.

NJ Field of Dreams first opened for business in August of 2014. Since then, tens of thousands of riders, racers and outdoor enthusiasts have enjoyed our Open Practice days and AMA Race Events. Field of Dreams offers a mix of tracks and trails for every level of rider.

With no shortage of ideas and endless potential, Chris and Lexi are continuously exploring new opportunities to heighten the riding conditions, experience and amenities of the Park.

With welcoming arms and a "When Your Here, Your Family" approach, It is our goal to grow our unique, one of a kind facility, into one the Premier Motocross destinations in the Country.


Pax Trax MX

Discover the Ultimate Destination for Motocross Activities

Pax Trax MX Resort is a motocross facility founded in 1995. We offer a wide selection of premium amenities and services for dirt bike fans, striving to ensure a pleasant experience for every customer.

Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park

Lake Elsinore Motorsports is your premier Motocross track in southern California. We feature several tracks that enables everyone from the beginner to the pro to ride and enjoy the thrill of motocross riding!

Fantasy Moto

Fantasy Moto has some of the best motocross tracks in Wisconsin. Our high-speed, natural-terrain tracks are covered with man-made jumps, full of turns, drops, step up’s, step down’s & whoops. Make sure to follow us here and on our social media.


Motoland now has a total of five tracks. Check it out, tracks 1 and 2 will still accommodate riders A, B, C, and Mini 20 on & 20 off. The newly created tracks 3 and 4 will accommodate riders mini A&B, mini C, Pit Bike and beginner classes. It will alternate 20 on 20 off just like tracks 1 and 2. The peewee track gets two new turns and the little guys ride all day, nonstop.

Every person who enters our track with a pit bike will be charged the pit bike rate. There will be no pit riding. Pit bikes are to be used to go from point A your parking spot to B the appropriate pit bike track entrance SLOWLY and MINDFULLY.

Motoland is an open riding track located in Northwest Indiana. We did the racing thing now we do the riding thing and we do it pretty darn good. At Motoland we boast a ride til you puke mentality. You actually get more riding in a day at Motoland than you can anywhere else. We are a bikes only track. 65CC and up on the big track. We also have a pee-wee track. 50cc only. A typical day at Motoland goes like this: You will ride track 1 for 20 minutes, then rest for 20 minutes then you will ride track 2 for 20 minutes rest for 20 minutes etc.....Pee Wee track is open the entire day. Riders must be accompannied by an adult. Since our training sessions are based on a five hour day you will ride 2 hours and 40 minutes on a pro level track. Each track is larger than most all outdoor pro tracks on its own. The track (s) at Motoland will not only test you physically they will also test you mentally. Just ask.

Glen Helen

Glen Helen Raceway is located North of San Bernardino in the area of Devore. This area is against a great mountain side in which Glen Helen Raceway has created it raceway facility, of 256 acres. Glen Helen is on county property and shares its large area with other county facilities, Glen Helen Regional Parks, San Manuel Pavilion and the Sheriff Training Center.

Glen Helen Raceway started its fame back in 1985, it had several Sand Drag events, Off Road events and Motocross events. In 1991 Glen Helen Raceway hosted its first major event, the United States World Championship Motocross and again in 1992. With these two events added to the Glen Helen Raceway venue it was the beginning of a growing and nationally known track.

In 1995 and 1996 two more major events came to Glen Helen Raceway, the Off Road Winter Series and the AMA 125/250 MX Nationals. With these events added to Glen Helen Raceway it had made a climb to that of one of the most seen and raced on tracks in the world.

Today Glen Helen Raceway has added more race tracks and has put thousands of dollars into its facility. Glen Helen Raceway has the National MX track, Rem/Vintage track, PeeWee track and a brand new registration tower.

Glen Helen Raceway has strived to give fans and participants this awesome facility to race and practice on, or just a day to enjoy the races.

Bunker Hill MX

Thank you for your interest in riding at Bunker Hill MX.

The track is open for practice just a few days of the year.

We hope you can make it to one of our organized practice dates.

Motorcycles only - No ATV's at this time.

Oak Hill Raceway

The Official Full Throttle of Oakhill Raceway.

Three Palms Action Sports Park

With 5 motocross tracks, pewee track, water cable park, championship boating lake, and a on-site boat dealership 3 Palms Action Sports Park has something for you!

Reynard Raceway

The new Reynard Raceway was the former Sooner State Cycle and reclaimed by the legendary Robbie Reynard. Reynard Raceway is a motocross track in Wellston, Oklahoma.